Gourmet Sausage Sandwiches

With strictly local ingredients and no nitrates or preservatives, Loud Mouth brings their commitment to craftsmanship to Politan Row Chicago. After a combined 32 years as award-winning creative leaders at some of the city’s largest advertising agencies, Grey and Lauren Ingram decided to turn their creative juices towards developing a more robust, bike-led street food industry in Chicago. In 2018, they founded Loud Mouth Food Bikes with the mission to create environmentally friendly, locally sourced cuisine. Through four years of rigorous research, they chose to partner with rising stars like Carnivore in Oak Park, LeMaster Family Farms, and Feed Your Head to reinvent the city’s street food scene through the Chicago classic: the hot dog.

Now, Loud Mouth has found a home at Politan Row Chicago, where they offer hearty, 1/3 pound sausage sandwiches as well as a Politan Row-exclusive beer garden sampler, featuring knockwurst, currywurst, and Flur Bakery pretzels.