Healthy Vegetable-Forward Cuisine

The husband-and-wife duo behind The Fat Shallot have come to Politan Row Chicago to showcase their creativity by doing the complete opposite of what they’ve done before with Smashed Radish: colorful, health-conscious, vegetable-forward cuisine. After both graduating from Chicago’s Kendall College, Sam Barron and Sarah Weitz ventured on separate paths: Sam honed his skills at fine dining establishments in Chicago, New Orleans, and Spain including Everest and Martin Berasategui, while Sarah designed nutritional meal plans, cookbooks, menus, and learning curriculums as a Registered Dietician.

In 2013, they came together to open The Fat Shallot food truck, one of Chicago’s first cook-on-board trucks, and their brand and popularity has only grown since then. Now, the couple have put their accumulated expertise into Smashed Radish at Politan Row Chicago, bringing health-conscious meals to the West Loop through offerings like thoughtfully-curated signature salads, savory soups, and fresh-pressed juices.